Gratitude Journal – Kids & Teens



A daily Journal for children to develop the habit of Gratitude, stay mentally strong and promote happiness.

Fun, interesting and scientific. Every day is exciting!

Simple practices nurtured early age changes the course of a child’s life. One of the powerful practices a child can grow up with is Gratitude.

  • Helps them grow happy
  • Have a sound mind – creative and productive
  • Helps to create healthy brain cells

This journal helps kids nurture this habit by writing 3 things they are happy, appreciative about each day. It is designed and help family time and bonding. A child needs time and attention to grow well, As a parent all you have to do is encourage them and sit with them for 10 minutes while they do this activity.

This journal contains:

  • Space to write 3 things a child is happy and thankful each day for a year
  • Daily booster Quotes to improve their awareness and encourage
  • Regular Activities: Easy and simple activities a child can involve in at home.
  • Days of Observance: Special days of the year are observed and respected with nurturing helpful activities
  • Monthly Checklist: Checklist for a child to run through to take good care of mind and body.
  • Pictures Gallery: Lots of space to add all pictures to keep memories of the year in one place.
  • Gratus: The surprise element. A character who will often guide the child in conversation and learning. Kids love this.

The one journal you child needs to make a sound and strong mind.

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Teens has shown great change in their life with Gratitude.

  • Makes them happier: When thinking about things they are thankful for, they are happy. When thinking about the blessings, it is hard to stay in a bad mood!
  • Sleep Better: Grateful mind do not have to be sleep deprived. If a child focuses on the things to be grateful for 30 minutes before their bedtime, they have reported peaceful sleep all night.
  • Improves Relationships: Teens who have expressed and been expressed to with appreciation have developed better relationship with parents and friends.
  • No anxiety or depression: Depression is long held thoughts of worry; a grateful mind does not have space for worry. Students who had depression reduced their symptoms after practicing gratitude.
  • Live longer and live a better legacy: A healthy mind and healthy heart helps to live longer. By being the state of Gratitude, it helps to bring better and best things into life. Living a better legacy to the next generation.

Habit that will make life abundant.

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