Gratitude Journal – Kids & Teens


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A daily Journal for children to develop the habit of Gratitude, stay mentally strong and promote happiness.

Fun, interesting and scientific. Every day is exciting!


Why Introduce Kids To Gratitude?

  • Makes them happier: When thinking about things they are thankful for, they are happy. When thinking about the blessings, it is hard to stay in a bad mood!
  • Help them sleep Better: Grateful minds cannot be sleep deprived. If a child focuses on the things to be grateful for 30 minutes before their bedtime, they have reported peaceful sleep all night.
  • Improves Relationships: Teens who have expressed and been expressed to with appreciation have developed better relationships with parents and friends.
  • No anxiety or depression: Depression is long held thoughts of worry; a grateful mind does not have space for worry. Students who had depression reduced their symptoms after practicing gratitude.
  • Live longer and leave a better legacy: A healthy mind and healthy heart helps to live longer. By being grateful, it helps them to bring better and best things into life, leaving a better legacy to the next generation. 


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