The Art of Working.

“People get stuck not because they are incapable. They are because they lack the direction for their growth.”.

Everyone can Grow! This book is for those looking to grow constantly at their workplace.

The Art of Working is a recipe or guide to enable you to achieve greater success in your WORK, by developing or enhancing the 'art' of how you view work and your place in it.

The idea of bringing this book ‘The Art of Working’ is to help professionals transform themselves into a growth oriented professional. Because I was tired of seeing my colleagues stuck and clueless about their career. And many more cluelessly working without having a better understanding of work and principles that are essential for growth and better work environment.

If you find yourself or your team familiar with the following scenarios, it is an indication that you or your team is operating outside the Growth Zone.

• Stuck without growth for long time,
• Lacks direction for growth, unaware what’s next
• Feels clueless and helpless about the future of work
• Unhappy with the Manager/Boss
• Managers/Leaders find team to be incapable/ungroomed for higher roles
• HRs find difficult to source suitable candidates for higher positions within the Org
• Lack of self-drive
Growth is amazing and you/your team must be on the growth path. The Art of Working will help you and your team to Master the art of Growth. After working for more than 16 years in various companies and constantly growing to higher positions. And after studying with some of the world’s best success teachers I have gathered all the wisdom and an easy to learn and implement growth model for any professional who is looking to shift and grow in their profession.

This book will be highly valuable for college students looking to start their profession. It will give them a great start and direction to follow for success. And for professionals to realign themselves to their trueness and growth path.


Written for all professions, The Art of Working is a recipe for growth at work – with timeless practices and an understanding of the true concept of work. The real life stories, easy-to-use action steps, and the Ideal Growth Personality model will bring positive change in personal work habits and a desire for growth.

• You will learn the Basics of Work:
• What is Work? Why Work? What Work does for you? Answers to these questions will change your perspective and boost your confidence towards your growth
• You will explore Growth Practices that stand test of time and will tell you how to develop them
• The Ideal Growth Personality will improve the missing link and make you Growth-worthy at all times.
"The Art of Working has the potential to turn around your Work Personality and improve your Growth Trend drastically."


The 2CR model is a framework which could represent an Ideal Growth Personality. Building an Ideal Growth Personality will enable you to grow to the next level. Consider it like this, it is equipping yourself enough to be able to be ready for a promotion or new opportunity.

The Ideal Growth Personality has 3 pillars. Competency, Character, and Relationship. The composite of these pillars is the essence of growth. If you want to grow and have a fantastic career, health and well-being, good personal relationships, time, money, and freedom, you must have these three pillars engraved in you. Everyone already has character, some degree of competency and relationship skills; however, how they are shaped matters – constructive or destructive.

You will understand more about the pillars and how the composite makes us an Ideal Growth Personality, bringing holistic growth in life.

About the Author

SAMSON is founder and president of SmarterYou, a personal development-training firm whose mission is to help people improve the quality of live. Before his entrepreneurial journey, Samson worked with corporates for over 10 years; the longest stay was with IBM. He has a total 16 years of work experience.

During Samson’s corporate journey he constantly grew to various positions and departments, which made him wonder why he was growing constantly and his fellow colleagues weren't, even though they were smarter than him academically. He began to study himself and other successful people, which gave him the answers to why and how he continued to grow.

Samson began teaching others his technique and they began to succeed and grow also. The results gave birth to SmarterYou, a company, which supports others in realizing they are smarter than they think they are. SmarterYou supports you in reaching your higher potential.

As a Speaker, teacher and coach, Samson has worked with corporations, startups, and universities. He is an international speaker and is mentored by the world’s best success teacher, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. He hosts public workshops, attended by hundreds of people from various profession.