Helping You Grow. Helping You Build Yourself. Helping You Achieve Success.

Helping You Grow. Helping You Build Yourself. Helping You Achieve Success.

Led by Samson Samuel, SmarterYou was conceived to rekindle the spark which is already present within you. Through our finest tools and programs, we aid you to reach immeasurable heights of success and achieve a quality life, be it at home, work or in the society.

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Samson Samuel


While going through his everyday corporate life, something caught Sam’s attention - not everyone is growing as much as they want to, neither are they living a life of their dreams, despite having the potential. This dawned an idea on him to help others achieve success, grow, and make life worth living. Thus, he left his thriving corporate career in 2015 and founded SmarterYou. Since then he has spent hours every day studying, and researching over successful people who understood what true wealth is – be it spiritual, material, or intellectual.

Samson Samuel

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  • It’s so much joy and exciting when you get promoted at work, achieve something you wanted to. Everyone around you is congratulating, wish you luck, appreciating your efforts and getting inspired by your growth. But too many people uselessly mutter about the early promotion of someone with whom they started their career or job at a company. Little do they realize that by doing that they are pushing away their efforts to get what they can get.

  • Do you know that one big thing that stops us from going after what we really want? FEAR, that's right fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of competition etc... But what is FEAR? F - False E - Evidence A - Appearing R - Real

  • To celebrate Winston Churchill’s eightieth birthday, the British parliament commissioned artist Graham Sutherland to paint a portrait of the celebrated statesman. “How are you going to paint me?” Churchill reportedly asked the artist: “As a cherub or the Bulldog?” Churchill liked these two popular perceptions of him. Sutherland, however, said he would paint what he saw. Churchill was not happy with the results.

  • Who you become directly reflects the results you get in your life. You can become whatever You want to become, and there is no better day than today to start that process, and the best place to start is where You are right now. Are you ready to know how to go about? Great! Becoming who you want to

Benoy V
Investment Banker

“I really liked the Mind, Body & Spirit idea, which was taught in the workshop. Over some years I was feeling very lethargic, with low energy after work and no enthusiasm for anything. After Success Blueprint Program, I put the learning into practice. Now, I can feel harmony, peace and full of energy in me, my confidence level has gone up. I can see amazing results ahead of me. Thank you Sam for sharing the success mantra. God bless!”

Business Owner

“After my marriage, I took a break of 8 years. When I decided to start working, companies were not offering me a job. Because I had a long break. I felt helpless and wondered what can be done. Attending Success Blueprint workshop helped me understand my potential, I gained a lot of confidence in myself. In a matter of few days, I was able to get a new job. I’m so happy!”

Monica J
Tax Analyst

“My name is Monica. I started attending personal development meetups and Sam has always been a brilliant inspiration and motivator to me and to the wider group. We’ve had various topics of discussion in these meetups starting with improving EQ, quality of life , mental and physical wellness, how habits make our life etc. This continued and grew towards the first workshop ie. success blueprint !! These meetups and workshop has encouraged and motivated me to identify my career path and goals. Now I am happy that I am moving towards my goal which adds meaning to my life. Thank you Sam and continue this great work. Wish you all success !!”

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