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You know, I wasn’t a bright student as per my teachers and my report card. I loved PTA classes more than any other class and I loved to play football all day. I was part of that mass student group who are what we call ‘just pass’ or sometimes ‘pushed-to-pass’ at the mercy of teachers. So, naturally my teachers, parents and relatives affirmed I wouldn’t go anywhere in life If I wasn’t scoring well in my academics, and I wasn’t bothered about it as I was happy with my results. This happened to me until 7th standard when I failed to graduate to the next level, that is when something struck me hard for the very first time, embarrassment!

This thing shook me much at that time and it got me to do something I had never done before, to consciously set a goal mentally in my life – “I will never again put my self to failure in my academics.” Since then I never have, and I believe I never will.

But the voices around me didn’t cease to say I wasn’t going anywhere. The more I heard of them the more desirous I got. I began envisioning my dreams and breaking them down to smaller goals and kept achieving them.

A man with no vision will perish, so does a vision with no goals stagger.

If you can set goals for yourself and stay committed to it, you will achieve it.

I want to share a good practice I learned. This will light up the cells of your body towards your goal achieving. It’s to carry a Goal Card.

Allow me to explain what happens with the Goal card.

Have you got your goal in mind? Else, decide a goal you would like to achieve.

Imagine you have already achieved your goal, that means its in the present and not future.

Now, write your goal on the goal card in present tense after the following statement…(Download your free copy at the bottom of this page.)

“I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

You see when you write your goals you are creating an image in your mind, as writing cause thinking, and that image is impregnated into cells in your brain.

Put this goal card in your pocket every day or in the purse that you’ll access often over the day. Then, every time you put your hand in your pocket or in your purse and you touch the goal card, the image of the goal comes up and it activates your brain cells. It’s like hitting a light switch, and the lights go on.

Remember, every time you touch it you are flashing the picture in the screen of your mind. The goal card should not be stuck in a wallet or somewhere. The goal card should be kept loose in your pocket or purse.

Every time I write down a goal and carry the card, I’m conscious of where I’m heading and what I need to do every day to get there. Suppose I’m in a restaurant with a friend and I put my hand to grab some money, the card gets in touch with my hand and all my consciousness gets the attention of the image that is impregnated.

This consciousness and the joy of achieved state of goal puts me in action conducive for the goal to come into reality.

My mentor Bob Proctor, success teacher, told me a something important. Let me share it with you. He says the first time he wrote his goal on the goal card, he did not believe it would happen, but he found, if you write what you want on the card, and you keep reading it a few times, you are going to start to believe it.

If you write a lie on a card, and you read it often enough, you are going to believe it.

“Believe and your belief will actually create the fact” – William James

Download your Goal Card now. Decide and write the goal down. Then do all that you with what you got to achieve it.

To your success!

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