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From Goal Setting to Goal Getter It was a beautiful morning out here today and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Probably you had a beautiful morning today, or you are going to have one or maybe it’s a morning for you right now as you watch me talk. Now you and I know that there is going to be another morning tomorrow, and one the day after and one every day after that, there is no doubt about it. The sun goes down and then it comes up. The only reasonable hope anybody could have is for them to be around when the next morning arrives. If you are a fairly young person and healthy you probably don’t carry that hope consciously every day, because you know you got lot of time. But an older or a very sick person carries that hope every night before they hit the bed! You see when a morning arrives some people are happy, some are sad, and some are neutral, it’s just another day for them. A lot of them don’t do what they want to do, many others don’t know what to do so they get into some job that can take care of their living cost and give them a professional identity, and still some don’t bother much they just follow some routine every day.

When we wake up each morning the ideal way is … - To be excited for the day - To know exactly where you want to go - To know what you need to work on

You probably have known people who’ve expressed their regret for not having gone somewhere, done or been something else. You hear them say things like, “I wish I would have gone to Germany or Canada or US” Or, “I always wanted to become an artist/athlete” or, maybe they even confess, “I never wanted to be a techie or a banker I wish I would have studied science instead.”

“I wish I would…” who hasn’t said that at least once?

The thing is, anyone can set a goal. Actually achieving it, making it truly happen is where things fall apart. Because, you set your goals with your conscious mind but the subconscious mind is the one that gets it achieved. And your subconscious mind is not nearly prepared as the conscious mind plans. Every year millions of people choose to make a resolution just around when one year is ending and the next year begins. “I want to start that business, I want to earn so much, I want to get a job in that company, I want to do this and that, I want to lose weight or build muscles” Guess what ? This repeats the following year.

But the truth is you can really turn your goals into reality. Why should you always have a goal to pursue? Because that’s how you grow, and growth is in-built in you. You are always seeking for expansion. Achieving a goal is simply a matter of understanding. Most of how you think comes from your environment and upbringing. Understanding what you think, why you think that way and how you process what you think is vital to becoming an achiever and not just a setter of goals. To get the results you want you don’t need to look outside, you need to look inside. You’ve got a magnificent mind that can draw you to success just as sure as you are that the sun will rise tomorrow. You are a born winner, if someone told you otherwise don’t and believe a word they say. You can achieve all the goals you set because that’s how equipped you really are, but somewhere along the way of your growing you either lost the essence or don’t realize its presence…the good thing is you can get back on track…

At SmarterYou, I have created this program - Goal Achiever Mindset Training, to help you get back on track and achieve your goals. Enroll today and enjoy achieving your goals! We meet weekly once and fine tune your mind towards achievement of your goals. Now listen, you’ve got one life, so do I and you don’t get to live it twice… If you want a better life – have success at work and home then you’ve got to do something about it…. I know you can do a lot more than what you have done, you are doing nothing compared to what you can do. Believe me you will be amazed by yourself and enjoy the freedom that comes when you reach that goal.

In this Goal Achiever Mindset Training I will teach you the foundational principles, tools and thought processes that you need to achieve your goals. We will meet every week and work together all around the year. These foundational principles, tools and thought processes are not taught in schools and colleges as they are supposed to. That’s why you’ll see many of the highly qualified graduates fail to succeed and an uneducated individual making it high on success. In this training I will take you step by step from understanding what type of goals to set and how to achieve it.

Sounds just like what you’re looking for, right? DON’T PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER. GET STARTED RIGHT NOW. If you are thinking whether to take this training or not. Don’t break your head a second longer, Take this Goal Achiever Mindset Training, it will help you go higher than where you are right now. I will help you. All you must do is decide to commit to learning and follow exactly what I say.

Now for some reason if you still choose not to take this program, it’s fine. But I encourage you to set your goals and go for it, it’s worth it. If not this training, join another program that you believe will help you, or go to someone who can teach you what is required for you to achieve your goals don’t let another year pass by. You might be a great player in your field of profession but if you don’t have a mentor or a coach to guide you, or a teacher to teach you more, odds are you will not go anywhere close to your highest potential. I’m here to help you teach and coach on achieving your goals. If you are happy to work with me on your goals, click the link below and it will take you to this program. The sign up and enrollment process is simple and takes a few mins. I will explain more details about the program there. I’m excited about helping you with your goals, I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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