Instead of letting circumstances shape you and your mind, you started to build your mind stronger each day contributing to your well-being and prosperity?

"If you are not intentional of what you make of Yourself, the unintentional will act on its own and make You"


'Feed The Mind' will help you develop and strengthen your mind every day...for a greater living!

Every day an Idea and its understanding will come to you, as you impress it upon your mind it must and will be expressed through your body in the form of Actions, and Actions will bring you better Results.

Everything begins in the (Your) Mind.

One of the great secret to a strong mind is, it’s built with intentional and proper nurturing every day. Such development naturally shows up in an individual’s behavior and results.

As you meditate on the daily nuggets and its understanding you will form sound and healthy mind through out your day, life.


Mental strength is vital not an option!

Most people don’t take this seriously, they don’t because they don’t understand the mind and how it functions. People have put so much focus on their body, yet the body is only the instrument of the mind. That’s why the advertisement company easily puts a product in your life, they let your mind know that if you don’t take their product, you are out of trend. Boom, you bring the product home.

Now, ask any sportsperson or an athlete, they will tell you they had to conquer their mind before they conquered their body.

The BIG reason why people fail with their gym routine is because they haven’t made a right use of  their mind, It is not their office timings, body ache, lack of equipment  or the instructor. It’s their mind. If they made it in the mind, they will make it in the gym.

The same is true at your work, you can become one of the best in your company. When I tell this to some people, they can’t even believe it. Can you believe that? They naturally tell me things like, ‘You must be joking?’, ‘maybe yeah, but you know how huge my company is?’, ‘whoa! really? Me?’… And when I ask them why do you say that? They’d tell… ‘Well, I’m not smart’, ‘I have poor college grades’, ‘I don’t have the skills’, ‘I’m too young and small’ and so on….

You see how the mind has kept them, their past is dictating their present, and the present dictates the future. Such a person will not dare to even act close to the best on any given day in their working hours.

The mind is where your paradigms reside. Paradigms run your life.

What is a paradigm? A good question to ask, a paradigm is the collection of all your habits, belief system, attitude & thinking pattern. Your paradigm operates you every day. That’s how two people of the same age, from the same class, in the same industry, have different results.

Changing paradigms changes results in your life!

The mind, your mind is where you must begin if you want to change the results in your life.  Whether it is your relationship, finance, success at work or any area of your life.

The mind doesn’t change easily and by itself. Hence, majority of the people give up and let the environment and circumstances take control of it.

Let me explain:

All that is in your mind is a result of all the making until today. That means, if you are 25 years old, your mind today is a result of 25 years of making with or without your deliberate efforts, and do you know the first 8 – 10 years was not in your conscious control. Because your conscious mind begins to develop around the age of 8. You were born genetically and raised environmentally. Your environment played a big role in creating your beliefs about yourself and the people around you. If your teacher always told you to stop questioning between her teaching and ask later, you possibly stopped asking her questions. Odds are, years later, you still don’t ask people questions at work even if you need clarifications. Your mind is where you make decisions, the decisions you make in your life make you. What you are today is a sum total of all the decisions you made and did not make.

Now, do you get the picture of how your mind formed with hundreds of series of things that happened in your life?

It is your responsibility to take charge and deliberately form a stronger mind.

The mind will not change easily nor immediately, it is formed with repetition of things and emotional impact.  The same is the process to cause a change in your paradigms.

Repetition is the key. You shouldn’t wait for an emotional impact to happen to change or build a stronger mind, generally, the emotional impact that cause a massive change in us are negative. They can be positive too but are a rare thing.

‘Feed the Mind’ brings that repetition of productive, useful and positive ideas and understanding every day, 365 days a year. That way you develop your mind stronger, get mentally tough and stay immune to all the stress, negative energy around you, and reach for your dreams.

The soundness of mind leads to greater success. Everyone admires and loves people with a calm and stronger mind. You can become one too, and be a good influence in your place of living and work.

I nurtured my mind from early age on, and I do it every day. I know I have to and will do it for the rest of the my life. If I let it loose, the weeds of the earth will immediately find space, just as it would in an empty land.

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