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How to become the person you want to become?

Who you become directly reflects the results you get in your life.

You can become whatever You want to become, and there is no better day than today to start that process, and the best place to start is where You are right now.

Are you ready to know how to go about?


Becoming who you want to become won’t happen instantly… disappointed?


Well, there is good news, the process of becoming who you want can begin instantly. Everything has a processing time, the duration varies person to person, thing to thing.


What you need to begin with is knowing, being clear of who you really want to become?

This may mean nature or personality of a person, or a professional identity to you, or possibly a mix of both. Example: You want to become a Charismatic Leader of your Competency, an inventive Coder, Expert in Coding, fitness enthusiast and Economist… or You name it…

Once you are clear of who you want to become, allow your visualization to detail the nature or behavior of such person.

Absence of clarity brings confusion and chaos…

Hence, we need clarity. Once you are clear of who you want to become. Everything begins to take shape.

You then move into action to sync with the kind of Person you imagine or aspire to become.

Here are a few ways I suggest you can use, it is not a fixed template but the use of these factors has helped many become who and what they wanted to become.

1.  Modeling – If you already know of any person of the nature of who or what you want to become, model certain essential qualities from them that build a foundation for you. While doing this be mindful of adding the color of your creativity than just mirroring every bit of that person. This will help you being You and not they.

2.  Think – This is a top line factor. Unless you think like that person you are highly unlikely to become anything near to what you want to. What you think, why you think that way, and how you process what you think is vital for the person you evolve to become. Watch the kind of people who already exist of that nature and observe how they think, how they think primarily reflects in their behaviors and results. Their approach to circumstances, people and themselves.

If such a person doesn’t exist, then allow your imagination & visualization to build such a person in your mind, what kind of behaviors & beliefs you must possess, how you should be. Keep that as your reference point and build yourself. This is how great personalities built themselves.

3.  Study – If you cultivate this one habit, you will achieve a great deal of success. Somehow, we all have a different perception of study as a result of the existing model of school.

“Study and discipline are the prerequisites to any form of accomplishment. Unfortunately, however, studying is much like paying taxes for most of us – we only do it when we have to. If you’re serious about developing greatness in your life, study the lives of great men and women and follow their advice!”Bob Proctor, Success Teacher

Study about people whom you aspire to become, read the books that teach you more of the principles and character of such a person you desire to become. As you study they form the thinking patterns and those patterns help you act or behave in the pattern that helps you to become what you want to come.

4.  Learn – Learn the skills and trade of such a person. If you would like to become an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur I’m sure you realize they carry certain skills or caliber. Research a little bit or talk to a few Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs, networking with them will help you learn a lot of skills in a practical way, and list down the skills and principles essential for such a person. Then plan to enroll yourself into programs and workshops that teach on those topics. Plan it across the year.

5.  Dress – The first appealing thing about you is the smile you put on your face, no doubt about that. The next thing is how you groom yourself with the attire your sport. Why not be mindful of it. If you want to become a sports person, it is a good idea to go with the necessary gear for that sport. If you want to become a factory supervisor it’s a good idea to reflect in a well-dressed form. You see there is no fixed dress for each personality, though the way you dress shows where and how your mind is programmed towards dressing. Casual dressing for a formal meet or a formal dressing for a casual outing are not only inappropriate but disrespect to the others.

Dress how you want to be addressed.

6.  Talk – This needs no much say… you would rarely see a person of understanding let words loose in any conflicts, neither a good nurse speaks without love, nor a motivational speaker speaks negative, or a good teacher speak ill of their student’s inability. How you talk determines what your intentions are. But remember how you behave determines how much of your intentions do you follow.

7.  Behave – You could have all the desire and clarity of who you want to become, but if you don’t act like it or take actions in accord of the factors we spoke of so far. Nothing is going to happen. It’s all about what you do as a result of what you think. Doing will help you progress. As you model, study, learn, dress and talk as the person you want to become, behave in such fashion.

8.  Network – I already mentioned about this, but this quality is worth mentioning again. Interact and hang around with people of such stature you desire to become. This is one quick way you could observe most of the things we discussed so far.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker

So choose carefully with whom you want to spend most of your time. They cause major influence in you.

I summarized how you can become what you want on one page. But to manifest this in your life you are going to spend some significant time. Remember, everything has its processing time. If you do what you have to do, nature will do its part to manifest it.

Never give up, keep focus!

And I encourage you to do what you must with complete belief and faith. Success is truly yours.

To your success!


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