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How Expressing Gratitude Everyday Can Change Your Life?

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what one has. it is a feeling of thankfulness for the blessings we have received. cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude yields many benefits: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Feeling grateful in the present moments makes your happier, relaxed, and improves your overall Health and Well-being. Gratitude doesn't just have [...]

How to become the person you want to become?

Who you become directly reflects the results you get in your life. You can become whatever You want to become, and there is no better day than today to start that process, and the best place to start is where You are right now. Are you ready to know how to go about? Great! Becoming […]

Image Management – Paint Yourself!

To celebrate Winston Churchill’s eightieth birthday, the British parliament commissioned artist Graham Sutherland to paint a portrait of the celebrated statesman. “How are you going to paint me?” Churchill reportedly asked the artist: “As a cherub or the Bulldog?” Churchill liked these two popular perceptions of him. Sutherland, however, said he would paint what he […]

5 Reality Checks of Successful People

It’s so much joy and exciting when you get promoted at work, achieve something you wanted to. Everyone around you is congratulating, wish you luck, appreciating your efforts and getting inspired by your growth. But too many people uselessly mutter about the early promotion of someone with whom they started their career or job at […]

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