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Sam & SmarterYou

At the young age of 17, Sam was determined to become independent in life, and started working while he was still pursuing his Bachelors. He proceeded with an aim to keep growing in his life every single day and pursued things that brought him closer to that aim. 

While doing his everyday activities, one day something struck him. He realized that not everyone was growing, although they had an immense ability to grow. Everyone had a want to advance in life, grow mentally, earn more, live a life of their dreams, but they did not know how to do it.  

Thus dawned the Idea of SmarterYou. Sam left his thriving corporate job and went to develop an organization that aids individuals to grow on every level and establish a successful life. SmarterYou was founded by Sam in the year 2015. Since then he has spent hours every day studying, and researching over successful people who understood what true wealth is – be it spiritual, material, or intellectual. 

This extensive research led him to meet and study with one of the world’s best teachers of human mind and potential – Bob Proctor, also Sam’s Mentor.

About Sam

Rose from an entry level employee to leader of a competency

Founded SmarterYou from just an idea, to transform the lives of people

Studied human mind & potential from the best – Bob Proctor & Jim Rohn

Helps thousands of people through his programs and live events

Studies with the world’s best success teachers – Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor

Teaches individual to optimally utilize human potential and achieve success

What is SmarterYou?

We don’t just teach individuals how to grow, we teach them to think in a way they can achieve their dreams. We constantly work to expand beyond what we think we are capable of and this is what fuels our team’s creativity and growth.

We adhere to a daily practice in our work each day – Be grateful, maintain a positive attitude, work in a spirit of creativity & harmony and be a great example of what we sell.

Each day, we continue to study and to create new things, so that we can continue to offer the most practical ways to help you achieve the results you want.

SmarterYou’s Vision

Our vision is to help individuals improve their quality of life by aquainting them with foundational principles, tools & thought processes.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how far you have come, and how much you know, we intend to play a significant role in your life to create a world for you in which you keep growing perpetually.

Our finest Programs and Tools will improve the quality of your life at home, work and society by helping you gain understanding of things that govern your life, and hook you up with the source of abundance and in harmony with the universe.

SmarterYou’s Philosophy

We believe the essence of your life is already within you and it just needs to be rekindled. Thus, we concentrate on teaching our audience about this essence, and how to extract it and put it to use to achieve an extraordinary life.